Fatima – Ridin Round (Sky High)

by Amy on April 23, 2014


Photo: Sebastian Hallqvist

You know when someone spells a word intentionally incorrectly, that they mean buz-i-ness. Don’t mess! Singer Fatima‘s dropped the ‘g’ from ‘ridin’, so that should be a big enough clue that her & her music have edge. Swedish born, London based singer Fatima releases her debut album Yellow Memories at the start of May, but before that she’s shared Ridin Round (Sky High) with us.  Stick with the track til the end, if only to find out what a “hockeyfrilla” is:


Name The Pet – To Remind Me

by Amy on April 22, 2014


Hanna Brandén is a girl with a lot of demands. First she told us to Name The Pet (uhm, do it yourself), and now she’s asking us to remind her of something (there’s these little things called calendars love). But to be fair to the Stockholm gal, she is busy! Name The Pet is a full Swedish package – she sings her songs, writes her songs & produces them. Recently she released her 2nd album Future / Now on her own label back in February and now months on from the infectious So Slow, she’s brought out the pop-track To Remind Me:


Artist of the Week – #121 POOMA

by Amy on April 22, 2014


So the 4 day weekend is over, let’s all weep our chocolate smeared faces off at our desks. With the bad news, comes the good news though – we have a brand new Artist of the Week for your ears to enjoy. Pooma are a Finnish band who specialise in putting a dark twist on pop, stating they take their inspiration from film director David Lynch, who’s famous for The Elephant Man, Twin Peaks & Mullholland Drive. The group released their first album Persuader in 2007, in which they collaborated with the frontman of Múm. The debut was received with great reviews, pushing Pooma onto another level of success! Among their success, the group were spotted by Sweden’s biggest radio station, as one of the most interesting Finnish music acts. After taking a short break from the music biz, they have just returned with the brand new alternative pop track Under The Trees, which continues with Pooma’s distinct eery sound with Tuire’s haunting voice leading the way. And this week, we’re taking the Artist of the Week title one step further! Not only do Pooma take over our twitter for the day, but they’re also making their way to Berlin to perform live at our special showcase night on Thursday. And it’s all for €0, kostenlos, free, zilch, nadda, gratis. I’m out of words. Just drop us an email to guestlist@nbnberlin.de and you’ll be on the guestlist! But first, to make this Tuesday a lot less painful, you can follow them on twitter all day today from 12pm – @nbn_berlin

1. Explain the evolution of Pooma in 5 words:
Distant moving closer and closer.

2. What song would you love to have written?
Kavinsky – Nightcall

3. Is there a typical Scandinavian sound?
Maybe more like a certain vibe than a typical sound. 

4. ”Avicci – True” Good, bad or genius?
To achieve what he has at such a young age almost puts him in the genius category. But when you listen to the whole album, it lacks some creativity and originality, so musically we would call it goodish. Hope he’ll reinvent himself in the coming year and take mainstream music to a new age. He might have that power right now.


5. What question would you ask next week’s Artist of the Week?
What is the best physical feeling that isn’t sexual?


PREMIERE: Lowly – Daydreamers

by Amy on April 17, 2014


Photo: Michell Smedegaard Boysen

Lowly are a 5 piece noise pop band hailing from Denmark, who each have their own back story (unlike other groups of course, born in the Pop Group Factory solely for the purpose of performing). No no, these kids found their own way into the music scene, establishing their own musical projects first (NANOME, Islets of Dust, NovemberDecember & Point Blank), then deciding to come together to form Lowly. Each bringing with them their individual genre of expertise, from electronica to hiphop & folk. But it seems they couldn’t decide on a singer, so they stuck with 2! Now we’re proudly presenting the German premiere of their debut single & video – the epic Daydreamers. And if I had to make a prediction on this song alone, I’d say their side projects might have to be put on hold, cos we want more teamwork from this talented collective!

They’re also set to play SPOT Festival next month, so if any of you folks are lucky enough to be going, then catch them live on the 3rd May on the Foyer Stage, 11 PM!


Lucas Nord – Wasting Time

by Amy on April 17, 2014


Now here’s something I can get behind – Wasting time! With the 4 day weekend on the very near horizon, scratch everything off your social calendar and just replace it with “wasting time“. Time was made to be wasted after all. And although that’s the title of Lucas Nord‘s new song, he’s obviously not doing it, as he keeps churning out all these tunes! And now the Stockholm electro house producer has a forthcoming EP, from which he’s just released a chilled out tune in the form of Wasting Time, which apparently features his grandfather.


Luha – Lullaby

by Amy on April 16, 2014


There’s a new Swedish act on the dream pop scene – Luha. And no-one knows anything about her/him/them, cos that’s all the info we’ve been given. Not even 100% sure that’s her/him/them in the pic, cos she’s/he’s/they’re doing a Slipknot and disguising herself/himself/themselves. So I’m just gonna assume Luha’s a he known as Roger, who’s an Accountant by day and singer in the local bar by night. Now he’s released his debut single Lullaby. And who cares really who’s behind it? It’s a fine example of ambient electro pop, but my bets are on Roger.


NEØV – Laketown

by Amy on April 16, 2014


You know what’s overrated? Whistling. Don’t you find those talented smug few who can actually whistle, always want to rub it in your face for no reason? Doing their weekly Rewe shop – whistling. Washing the dishes – whistling. On their death bed – whistling. Yeah we get it, you’re happy!

Well now Finnish indie band NEØV, who are indeed a talented whistling bunch and proud as hell about it, have decided to fill their new song Laketown with the stuff. Meaning us non-whistlers can’t sing along, only spit & dribble in our attempts to do so. It’s catchy though, I’ll give them that! The track is taken from the upcoming album Dominique, which is out later this year.



Listen up peeps, cos here’s some dating advice for you: The best way to woo even the most cynical person, is to invite them round, light some scented candles, throw some rose petals on the bed and stick on a sexy slow jam. Then work your magic. Guaranteed success, trust me! And I’ll even throw in the track suggestion for free. This is Sum Comfort, a production duo from Stockholm, who’ve teamed up with British Alt-R&B singer Jordan James for the new track Serena High, taken from their upcoming album Flying Kites.

By the way, if you ever find yourself on the receiving end of the advice above, RUN!


NEW FEATURE: Scandivation

by Amy on April 15, 2014


Welcome to a brand spanking new feature on the blog, that we’ve decided to call Scandivation….because we can.

Scandinavia has long been a pool of creative talent, making it the envy of the rest of the world. And I’m not just talking about their Elliphant‘s or their Asbjørn‘s this time! We’re now looking beyond the musical offerings and taking a peek into design achievements. Scandivation will basically focus on some of the hot shit that we love, coming out of the Nordic’s technology, design and all-round innovation sectors! Once a month we’ll feature one of our favourite things to come from the North. It could be a product, an artist, a jewellery collection or even an app. It’s our aim to highlight the innovation that’s happening in Scandinavia and bring it to you lovely people!

First up, is the creation from an Icelandic guy called Jón Helgi Hólmgeirsson. Having studied Product Design at Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavík, he came up with the design of the Jónófón for his graduation project. It’s like a gramophone, but with Jón in it’s name. Oh yeah and one other minor difference, it’s made from paper!


While everyone else is looking to add the latest gadget to their already existing gadget, the Jónófón strips it all back to basics. The acoustic vinyl record player consists of a simple electrical system, plywood, paper, plastic film & a needle and it all comes as a flatpack for the user to assemble themselves. Apparently nice things need effort!

Records are cool FYI. So if you don’t have any form of record playing device, either head out and buy yourself a Jónófón, or just buy some records to put on display in your flat, so people at least think that you’re cool!


Call Me – Disclosed

by Amy on April 15, 2014


A few months back, I stumbled across an a-m-a-z-i-n-g song on Soundcloud, but couldn’t find any traces of the artist on facebook….my pet hate! So I messaged her and low and behold some time later a facebook page was born (pretty certain I had no influence over that whatsoever, but we’ll go with it for the sake of the story). Sadly the song has since been removed, but thankfully it’s been replaced by an equally a-m-a-z-i-n-g new one. Introducing Call Me, a.k.a Anna Nordenström, a singer from Stockholm bringing us the beautiful pop track Disclosed - with a free download: